Within long period of working the company collected a big suppliers portfolio together with an ample experience in supplying plastics to Russian market.

Olenta cooperates with global suppliers of polymer raw materials and has a status of official distributor of a number of global manufacturers.

DIC/Dainippon Corporation
The company is one of global chemical enterprises with HQ situated in USA. The company manufacturers PPS as pure as reinforced with fifferent fillers like glass fiber, minerals, and carbon finer. There are linear and network PPS in their product portfolio. In 2009 the company launched new production capacities.
The company was established in Korea in 1924. The product portfolio of the company includes high quality plastics like PC (Trirex), PET and PBT compounds (Tripet and Tribit correspondingly) TPEE (Triel). The company is continuesly developing products for new applications.
SK Group
It is #2 production concern in South Korea. It is a leader in oil prospecting, manufacturing and processing as well as other processing industries
Plastic division Hyundai Development Co. of the company was established in 2000. The division is focused on olefin plastic manufacturing under brand name PLASMER.
The company was established in 1926. It is specialized on production of fibers, textile and plastics (ABS, SAN, PBT, POM, PPS, LCP, etc.)
CESA International
The company establised in 1980 as masterbatch manufacurer, and they started to produce polymer in 1998. At the moment product portfolio of the company includes: ABS, PC, PBT, PA, PPS, etc.
Kumho Petrochemical
The company established in 1970, and now it largest capacity for synthetic rubber manufacturing. It also involved in following markets: synthetic resins, specialties, nano-carbon materials, energy, and buidings.
The company founded in 2004 as developer, manufacturer and supplier of hi-tech thermoplastic elastomers.
The company was founded in 2008 and focused on PPS plastics. Their products areproved by Volkswagen. The company also manufacturers compounds based on PEEK, PEI, PPA.
The company is focused on supplying of PTFE, PVDF, PEEK, PFA, FEP, ETFE, PCTFE, HDPE, PA6, PA66. They are also manufacturing seni-finished priducts.
It is innovative enterprice focused on processing of super-engineering polymers based on PEEK, PI, PPS, PEI , etc.
The company was founded in 2017 as a manufacturer of LCP in different forms, ganules of pure polymer, fibers, films, and compounds.
Tayho Advanced Naterial Group Co.
The company was founded in 1987. At the moment it is largest aramid manufacturer.
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