Plastics in granules
Chips of plastics in different colors and grades: fo injection molding, for extrusion, soft and (super)firm, colored and natural.
Semi-finished products made of engineering plastics
Sheets, rods, pides, liners, O-rings, heat-shrinkable tubings of different polymeric nature
Threads, fibers, filaments, films, fabric, prepregs, comb-cells
Filaments for 3D-printing. Fibers based on LCP, UHMWPE, PEEK, carbon with diffent size and properties.

OLENTA means individual approach to any customer. We can offer you full set of the service from plastic selection of any color of the spectra in accordance to a customer needs to tecnical support in plastic processing on base of information from its manufacture. We always have a wide range of plastics with different properties: flame retardant, thermostable, anti-static, anti-bacterial, elastified, chemically resistant, UV-stable, etc.

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